Civic engagement among young people 2001-2011 

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CELS:  The Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study (2001-2010) is the world's biggest and longest-running study about the impact of citizenship education on young people. The project was commissioned in 2001 when citizenship education became a compulsory subject for all schools in England. CELS has been continued and extended as part of Citizens in Transition (CiT).

CiT:  Citizens in Transition - Civic Engagement Among Young People 2001-2011 is an ESRC-funded research project which looks at how young people's citizenship practices are changing, and what role statutory citizenship education plays in shaping young people's citizenship practices. CiT extends CELS in two ways:

  • firstly, it continues to follow into early adulthood the young people who took part in the CELS longitudinal survey when they were at school;  it does this by surveying them again at age 20 (in 2011);
  • secondly, it adds a UK comparative dimension to the study by comparing the civic knowledge, understanding, civic attitudes and behaviours of samples of young adults in England, Scotland and Wales.

Reports launched at House of Commons reception, January 2012

Citizens in Transition:
The Longitudinal Cohort

Citizens in Transition
in England, Wales and Scotland

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