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Local Authorities Research Consortium

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LARC, the Local Authorities Research Consortium, was founded to support local authorities to develop integrated working through sector-led collaborative research projects. The consortium oversees and supports authorities’ research which explores integrated working and outcomes for children, young people and families. LARC adopts an innovative and creative approach to help authorities develop capacity to conduct and engage in research.

Each year, the consortium chooses a different focus for the research with authorities and national agencies including NFER, RIP and the LGA:

  • LARC1 evaluated the early impact of integrated children's services
  • LARC2 reported on integrated working and the CAF process
  • LARC3 examined early intervention, using the CAF process, and its cost effectiveness.
  • LARC4 looked at the interface between CAF/TAC model and social care intervention to support children and families with complex high level needs.
  • LARC5 explored how to effectively support families with different levels of need to engage with services across the early intervention spectrum within an overall framework of neglect.
  • LARC6 continued to explore the themes of early intervention and neglect, looking at how we can identify neglect earlier, drawing particularly on the role of the family network and the wider community.

For further information about LARC please email us at LARC@nfer.ac.uk,
or call 01753 637182.



LARC home | Background | Past rounds



Press enquiries

For press enquiries regarding LARC, please contact NFER’s Marketing Communications Manager, Jane Parrack
tel: 01753 637245
email: j.parrack@nfer.ac.uk

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