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What is it?
A practical, extended professional development programme.

What do I get?
Insights into what works in schools; Support from a dedicated facilitator; Specialist workshops and coaching; A seven-step enquiry toolkit; NFER “How to” guides

Who is it for?
All levels of teaching staff in primary and secondary schools, sixth form colleges and academies. Suitable for groups of teachers, the whole school or school clusters.

Relevance to Ofsted
Enhances the quality of teaching and learning; Develops your capacity for sustained self improvement; Promotes rigour when evaluating performance

How long does it last?
Programmes are tailored to suit your needs. A standard programme is two to three terms . Start dates to suit your school. 

How much does it cost?
The programme is customised to suit your needs so please contact us for a quote.

Enquiring Schools

Evidence-based teacher development and school improvement


A fresh approach to teacher development and school improvement built around enquiry-based projects carried out by teachers in your school, with support from NFER.

Effective CPD is at the heart of school improvement and one of the most successful ways to develop teachers and have a positive, lasting impact on students’ learning is a research-based approach to teaching1.

By engaging in practical in-class action research, teachers are able to reflect, extend their teaching practice, and enhance their skills based on solid evidence.

Key benefits

  • Supports school improvement by focusing on outcomes for your students
  • Provides a sustainable approach to improving the quality of teaching and learning
  • Includes guidance for teachers and SLT from a dedicated facilitator plus specialised training related to your projects
  • Access to specially developed resources
  • Offers the option to apply for the NFER Research Mark at no extra cost and gain public recognition for your work

The programme can be tailored to meet your school’s needs whether exploring new approaches to the curriculum, addressing priorities in your school improvement plan or responding to issues highlighted by Ofsted.  

I chose the Enquiring Schools programme because I know that engaging in action research works by encouraging teachers to seize control of their own learning. It also has a really big impact on children's attainment. I like the Enquiring Schools resources, they're really accessible, and the facilitator has been superb.

Anne Heywood, Principal
The Grove Academy


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Find out how Enquiring Schools supports school improvement and teacher development.


1) Schleicher, A. (2011). Building a High-Quality Teaching Profession: Lessons from around the world, OECD Publishing.

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