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Spending Priorities for the Pupil Premium: questions submitted by the Sutton Trust (May 2013)

Top priorities for spending the Pupil Premium were given by teachers as 'early intervention schemes' and 'more one-to-one tuition'.

Read the full report here

Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey

NFER's regular, fast turnaround survey service enables professional organisations to cost-effectively access up to the minute views from current teachers on topical issues

The surveys are run three times a year, in the autumn, spring and summer terms. They are run online, allowing us to produce results very quickly and keep costs low. NFER's experienced research staff provide advice and guidance on question wording, and our statisticians and researchers provide a comprehensive set of results for your use. Buying questions on our omnibus survey is an economical way to find out what teachers think about particular issues without commissioning a full survey or research project.

Key benefits

  • Each survey is completed by at least 1000 primary and secondary school teachers from publicly-funded schools in England (including Academies).
  • Our panel includes teachers from the full range of roles in primary and secondary schools, from headteachers to newly qualified class teachers.
  • The coverage of teachers by role in schools is comparable with population of teachers in England by phase of education.
  • The achieved sample in each round includes teachers from a good spread of schools by school level factors including geographical region, school type and eligibility for free school meals. Sample weighting is also applied if necessary to ensure that the schools represented by our respondents are statistically representative of schools nationally. Sample breakdown (on pp 9-12).
  • In addition, we can target questions at specific sub-groups of teachers in the sample using routing. So for example you could target questions at primary teachers only or focus on school senior leaders rather than classroom teachers.


How you can use Teacher Voice | What we offer and associated costs


 Using NFER Teacher Voice allowed us to access a nationally representative sample of teachers, enabling us to test out findings from schools in our purposive sample quickly and cost-effectively. It was a pleasure to work with the Teacher Voice team. We'd certainly consider using the service again and recommend it to others.

Mairi Ann Cullen, Senior Research Fellow, CEDAR, University of Warwick

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