Code of Practice

A wide range of individuals and organisations contribute to NFER's work. All of these have a right to expect to be easily and well-informed about the purposes of the work they are involved with, and to understand the extent of their involvement. Equally, and particularly for individuals who are the subject of any studies carried out by NFER, there is a clear need to demonstrate that there are ethical and data protection principles which determine how research is undertaken.

NFER's Code of Practice guides all of the work which NFER carries out. It also sets the standards expected of any partners, associates or sub-contractors with which the NFER works. The Code of Practice applies to all our work – regardless of whether it is funded by NFER or by an external client.

The NFER Code of Practice sets out the principles and practices which affect all of the work carried out by NFER. The Code of Practice itself is a short and accessible document which draws together, in one place, the key policies and guidelines which help to ensure that work undertaken by NFER is completed with the highest level of integrity possible.

The NFER Code of Practice (pdf)