Governance and Structure

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Board of Trustees

As a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity, NFER is governed by a Board of Trustees. They are responsible for agreeing the aims and direction of the Foundation, with the day-to-day management delegated to the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team. The Trustees approve the annual budget and provide strategic guidance on the role and mission of NFER. They also have critical roles advising on a number of important NFER working groups to provide additional insight and perspective.

Our Trustees bring together a wealth of expertise and experience from across education and children's services, and both the public and commercial sectors.

Chair              Honorary Treasurer
Richard Bunker
(Chair of the Board of Trustees)
             Neil Hollister
(Honorary Treasurer, Board of Trustees)


Trustees (listed in alphabetical order)

Ian Bauckham        Lorna Cocking        Colin Green
Melvyn Keen        Sam Macdonald        Alan Parker
Conor Ryan


President and Vice President

Sir Jim Rose
             David Whitbread
(Vice President)
             Alison Shaw
(Vice President)