CEBE Plenary Conference: Taking our Learning of 2014 into Action in 2015

8 December 2014

NFER Chief Executive Carole Willis and Wellcome Trust Head of Education and Learning Hilary Leevers jointly highlighted the importance of researchers and practitioners working together at the 2014 plenary conference of CEBE (Coalition for Evidence-Based Education). NFER is part of the CEBE secretariat, an alliance of stakeholders who are interested in improving the way research evidence is accessed and used across the education sector. This final event of 2014 brought together over 60 practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to identify priorities and actions to take for forward for 2015.

Discussion ranged over several key issues in practitioner engagement with research, including the development of the role of Research Leads within schools (see teacher Alex Quigley’s blog) and how the proposed College of Teaching could take a lead in promoting and supporting use of evidence in schools (see contributions from NFER’s Kelly Kettlewell, Julie Nelson and Karen Wespieser).

CEBE will soon announce its priorities for action in 2015 following on from the plenary.