First study comparing overall costs and benefits of new teacher training routes

10 November 2014

New research led by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and produced in collaboration with the NFER and the London Institute of Education, provides the first estimates of the likely costs and benefits involved in providing teaching training across different routes.

Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the findings suggest there is remarkable variation in the cost to central government across routes and according to the trainee’s degree class, subject, and location of training. Each trainee can cost government as little as £10,000 (some undergraduate ITT courses) or as much as £42,000 (the School Direct unsalaried route for trainees in high priority subjects such as maths and physics).

The overall net cost for each route depends not only on the cost to central government, but also the benefits and costs incurred by schools involved in the training. Looking at the net cost to schools, based on survey responses NFER collected from 291 primary schools and 196 secondary schools, the study found that:

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