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DfE Accreditation for NFER Reception Baseline Assessment

4 February 2015

The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), one of the UK’s leading independent research organisations, has today been awarded government accreditation for its NFER Reception Baseline Assessment.

NFER is one of a select group of suppliers approved by the Department for Education (DfE) to provide baseline assessment to schools for children entering Reception from September 2015.

The NFER Reception Baseline Assessment covers three core components – mathematics, literacy, and communication and language. It was extensively trialled by over 500 schools and 3000 pupils, who provided positive and valuable feedback that helped shape the robust assessment.

It is a child-friendly assessment integrating fun and hands-on activities for children to complete and an observational checklist for practitioners. It is easy and quick to administer with key aspects of children’s development mapped to the Early Years Outcomes ensuring that assessments are easy to integrate with teaching in the first few weeks of term.

Age-adjusted scores help practitioners make fair comparisons between children born at different times of the year and, to help save schools valuable time, NFER also provides a reporting service. An optional Foundations of Learning component enables practitioners to assess the other prime areas of learning (physical, emotional and social development and physical development) and the characteristics of children’s learning.

Commenting on the news, NFER Chief Executive Carole Willis said: “We are delighted to have been awarded DfE approval for the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment. NFER has a strong reputation in assessment and a background in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we have been able to bring these together in our development process. We also had the benefit of extensive trialling with schools and young children and we are confident that the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment is the ideal choice for Reception teachers.”


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Note to Editors:

About NFER
NFER has a worldwide reputation for providing independent and rigorous research in education. As a charity, any surplus generated by the Foundation is reinvested in research projects to provide evidence that improves education and the life chances of learners.

NFER has over 60 years experience in designing excellent assessment products for schools around the country and have a long history of expertise in early years assessment. NFER Reception Baseline Assessment. is a welcome addition to an already wide range of evidence led products and services for schools.; @TheNFER