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Everyone a teacher, everyone a learner at new NFER Enquiring School

14 February 2014

Paget Primary School in Birmingham has become the latest school to join the Enquiring Schools programme, NFER’s scheme to support professional development and improve learning outcomes for children and staff through classroom-based research.

Paget’s learning journey began with a variety of interactive workshops for teachers facilitated by Gareth Mills, Head of Learning and Innovation for Futurelab at NFER, who provided evidence about high-impact teaching and learning strategies and helped staff identify the focus for their projects. Victoria Nussey, Headteacher at Paget, said: “The launch event was a very positive and inspiring session which has fired up my staff, some of them are already trying new things.”

The teachers are now working in year groups to design mini-action research projects targeted at their specific priorities, for example the reception teachers are looking at enhancing their vocabulary programmes while the special needs team are looking at the risks of labelling and the need to nurture growth mindsets. “Everyone is keen to reflect and explore ways to extend their repertoire,” said Gareth. “Some very creative ideas are being developed, with teachers exploring the impact of increasing the opportunities for reciprocal teaching with a project called ‘everyone a teacher-everyone a learner.”

Over the next 12 months, teachers at Paget will work together to pilot new approaches and measure the impact on pupils’ learning. Every step will be accompanied by an Enquiring Schools guide who will support teachers on their journey.

For more information about the Enquiring Schools programme visit the Enquiring Schools webpage or contact 01753 637007.