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Work Experience Week 2015: Evidence from NFER highlights effective practice in providing quality work experience

14 October 2015

NFER evidence indicates that the quality of work experience is of critical importance whether the work experience is provided for 16-to-19 year olds as part of study programmes, or to young people pre-16 years old.

According to research, this should include:

Our research evidence highlights the importance of developing direct relationships between schools, colleges and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), so transparency and mutual benefits are priorities. Just as education providers need to understand the pressures on businesses, SMEs need to appreciate the way the education environment works. This can be achieved through more dialogue, open-mindedness, and flexible methods of engagement to broker and sustain engagement that is meaningful for everyone.

Looking ahead, young people need broad experience of the world of work to develop and enhance their employability skills. Examples of effective practice include:

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