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In Harmony music programme in schools continues to support social wellbeing and positive aspirations of children in deprived communities

20 August 2015

Newly published NFER research, the second in a three-year analysis, indicates that pupils participating in the In Harmony social and music programme in schools continue to enjoy music and have a positive view of their future prospects at the same high levels as in the first year’s evaluation.

Arts Council England (ACE) commissioned NFER to undertake the national evaluation of the In Harmony social and music education programme 2012–2015. In Harmony has been funded by the Department for Education and ACE, and is currently being piloted in six areas in England. The aims are to change the lives of children in exceptionally deprived communities through an immersive experience, where children play instruments together from an early age, within a whole school and/or community-based approach.

To explore the future sustainability and impact of In Harmony for children, families, schools and wider communities, NFER is carrying out a longitudinal national evaluation of the programme. The newly published Year 2 Interim Report presents the key findings of the NFER evaluation:


Evaluation of In Harmony: Year 2 Interim Report