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Audit of the Bloodhound Education Programme, 2012-2013
NFER was comissioned by the Bloodhound Education Programme (BEP) to conduct an audit of its activities throughout 2012 and early 2013.
Research report

Green shoots at the grass roots will grow a better profession
Guest blogger Alex Quigley reflects on some recent discussions in support of securing the role of Research Leads in schools.
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Standards and status – supporting the role of evidence
Kelly Kettlewell argues that evidence-informed practice should be the cornerstone of a College of Teaching
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The kids are alright
Jack Worth digs more deeply into the latest findings from the International Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)
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The International Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)
Additional analyses from the 2013 survey.
News release
Comparative analysis of young adults in England
Young adults' skills gain
The impact of low skills on labour market engagement

Precious mettle can transform FE practice
Andrew Morris, member of the Learning and Skills Research Network, discusses how research could be used in further education environments, following a recent LSRN workshop.
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Five years of hunger
In our latest Election 2015 blog post, Geoff Gee discusses how far we've come since 2009 in getting value for money in education.
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NFER appoints new Director of Research
NFER is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Lesley Duff as its new Director of Research.
Press release

Turkeys don't vote for Christmas
...and it should come as no surprise also, says Ben Durbin in our latest blog post, that NFER is calling for evidence to be put at the heart of education policy.
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NFER joins Coalition for Evidence-based Education
NFER has become a partner in CEBE, an alliance of researchers, policymakers and practitioners.
Press release

Next government must put evidence at heart of education policy, says NFER
NFER has announced its messages for the next government in a bid to put evidence at the heart of the education debate in the run up to the next General Election.
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Vocational education: policymakers must change hearts and minds, not just the system
A change of attitude towards vocational education is the important next step to transform our education system into one that's world leading.
Press Release | Policy paper

NFER study shines light on Start programme successes
Research from NFER finds that young people are more interested in arts and cultural activities thanks to their involvement in the Start arts engagement programme.
Research report

Subtracting calculators from maths tests doesn’t add up
Oliver Stacey looks at new research findings that challenge received wisdom about calculator use in primary maths.
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The costs and benefits of initial teacher training routes
This report provides valuable new evidence on the impact and cost-effectiveness of teachers trained through different routes.
Research report | News release

Study sheds light on NEET prevention
NFER research identifies effective interventions to help young people at risk of becoming not in education, employment or training
News release | Research report | Top tips guide

NFER joins forces with OECD to launch PISA-Based Test for Schools
Secondary schools in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands can now use the PISA-Based Test as a school assessment tool
Press release | About the test

NFER Teacher Voice Omnibus: questions for the DfE - March to June 2014
The DfE submitted questions to Teacher Voice covering the new national curriculum, changes to accountability indicators, free school meals and the raising of the participation age
Research summary

Deprivation in Education
Research study commissioned by the Welsh Government to identify whether or not there is a link between deprivation and educational attainment
Research report

Prevention is a NEET Solution
Blog post from Kelly Kettlewell previews some promising findings about how to prevent NEET children.
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Analysis of the PIRLS 2011 Data: Save the Children
Report commissioned by Save the Children which aims to provide international research evidence to support Read On. Get On.
Research report

714,000: is that a big number?
Geoff Gee crunches some education numbers in the first of our Election 2015 blog series
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Analysis of academy school performance in GCSEs
Research undertaken for the LGA to investigate how performance in national examinations in academy secondary schools compares to performance in similar non-academies
Research report | News release

Vocabulary Enrichment Intervention Programme
Report produced for the Education Endowment Foundation and its evaluation of the programme
Research report

Careers education – let’s go to work
Blog post by Tami McCrone on why careers education needs to think outside the box
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Partners launch project to bring employers and schools together
NFER has launched an exciting new partnership project to improve employability skills among the future workforce
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Are concrete shoes the answer?
In his latest blog post, Ben Durbin explains how research can help the teaching profession cut to the chase
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Schools secure research accolade
Three more schools have been awarded the NFER Research Mark – the Foundation’s badge of recognition for engaging in and with research to improve teaching and learning
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Let's ban the word 'Careers'
In her latest blog post, Tami McCrone argues for a rethink of careers guidance
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NFER contributes to major literacy campaign
The Read on. Get on. report, published today, draws on further analysis of the 2011 Progress in International Reading Study (PIRLS)
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The Literacy Octopus!
Teachers and schools, take part in activities to improve Key Stage 2 literacy
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Post GCSEs: Are 16-year-olds making informed decisions, or following in their siblings’ footsteps?
On the eve of the GCSE results, Tami McCrone calls for the right support for all
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Working together on a way out of the exclusion zone
Richard White explains why partnership working is key to preventing pupil exclusion from school
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Mid-point evaluation of the Lead and Emerging Practitioner School Tranche 1 Pathfinder Project
Most school-to-school relationships could be described as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’
Research report

Evaluation of the Second Year of PRIME
96% of students were satisfied with their placement and a similar proportion would recommend it to others
Research report

School exclusion trial (SET) evaluation
The SET tested the benefits of schools having greater responsibility for meeting the needs of permanently excluded pupils and those at risk of permanent exclusion
Research report

Low-level child neglect is a high-stakes issue
Emily Buchanan's new blog post looks at how new research is seeking to support those campaigning to end child neglect
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Consultation on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for the Education and Training Foundation
The sector is facing a range of challenges in the delivery of STEM provision
Research report | Press release

Evidence-based approach adds up to success for enquiring primary school
Teachers at The Grove Academy, are celebrating great improvements in their pupils’ maths results
News release

The importance of not making a difference
Anneka Dawson’s new blog post tackles some common misconceptions about RCTs in education
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Creating a research-engaged school
Guide for senior leaders and case study of United Learning Schools
Press release | Case study | Guide for senior leaders

Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey
Teacher Voice panel provides Pupil Premium insights
News release

Shaping school culture through Headteacher Standards
Ben Durbin's latest blog post argues the research community may benefit from a similar kind of process
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STEM Education Learning Report
Six steps to successful STEM programmes
Research report | News release

Census of Local Authority Councillors 2013
NFER carried out this seventh survey of local authority councillors in England for the LGA
Research report

Phonics screening check evaluation
This second interim report sets out the latest findings from an evaluation of the phonics screening check, commissioned by the Department for Education
Research report

Vocational qualifications need their moment of parity
Latest blog post by Tami McCrone highlights the importance of recognising the value of vocational qualifications
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Partnership working in small rural primary schools
The best of both worlds
Research report

Increasing demand and engagement with educational research
Latest blog post by NFER's Chief Executive, Carole Willis
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What is the point of education?
Newman Burdett argues that we need to get much better at asking the right questions, and using the research evidence
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NFER evaluation of Realising Opportunities, 2009-2013
NFER evaluated the impact of Realising Opportunities on the first three cohorts of students
Research report

NFER survey reveals teachers’ views on Royal College plans
The results of an NFER Teacher Voice omnibus survey indicate that the jury is still out among teachers on proposals to establish a Royal College of Teaching
News release

Sky News questions NFER Teacher Voice panel about pupils in nappies
As part of a Sky News investigation, NFER was asked to include a question in its March 2014 Teacher Voice omnibus survey
Press release

Why understanding research engagement will help grow an evidence-led profession
Blog post by guest blogger Matt Inniss
Blog post

The School Admissions Process
Experiences of Parents and Carers of Children from Vulnerable Groups
Research report

Careers: a clear brief for schools and colleges
ASCL, ATL, NFER and the 157 Group collaborate to produce a good practice brief for schools and college senior leaders
Press release | Good practice brief

What education can learn from others’ evidence-use experience
Blog post

Key data on Music Education Hubs 2013
NFER carried out secondary analysis of a survey conducted by Arts Council England in October 2013
Research report

NFER unveils new guide to randomised controlled trials
Latest "How-to" guide for teachers to be launched at ResearchEd Birmingham
Press release | How to guide

PISA 2012 - England problem solving results released
PISA update shows positive results in problem solving
News release | Blog post

Promoting educational attainment in Wales
Seminar sows seeds of a positive future for Welsh students
News release

NFER welcomes Government response to primary school assessment and accountability consultation
We recognise the importance of the sensitive assessment of young children
News release

Would you like to help pilot a new approach to KS3 maths?
We are seeking six schools from Scotland and six schools from England to participate in an exciting new project which will trial the flipped learning pedagogy
News release

Blazing a trail for research-engaged primary schools
The Rofft School in Wrexham has become the first primary school in the UK to receive the NFER Research Mark
News release

Plugging the STEM skills gap
Why careers awareness is key
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The budget for schools
Towards an attainment premium?
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Educational attainment in Wales
Time to face the challenge
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The importance of evaluation
The launch of our Evaluation Policy
Evaluation policy | Blog post

Navigating the drive from education to employment
Educators and employers need to increase their engagement and partnerships to provide a range of high-quality learning experiences
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Improving attainment
How the Enquiring Schools programme helped pupils and teachers at the Grove Academy

Evidence is key to educating the Neknomi-nation
It is vital that teachers have a decent supply of evidence-based materials and interventions for use in PSHE education
Blog post

NFER takes part in Guardian Online discussion
Ben Durbin, Head of Impact, joined a panel of leading voices exploring evidence-based teaching
News release

Longer-term impact of safeguarding children peer reviews
Councils viewed safeguarding children peer reviews and inspections as complementary
Research report

Catch Up® Numeracy
Evaluation Report and Executive Summary
Research report

Is education the key to social mobility – or a hidden chain?
Education is about engagement, long-term learning, and achieving the magic hat-trick of high attainment, high engagement and deep understanding
Blog post

Linking Evidence and Practice - What Works? What Next?
NFER hosted the first in a series of seminars for the Coalition for Evidence Based Education (CEBE) to focus on linking evidence and practice in education.
Videos of the presentations and other materials from the day

Everyone a teacher, everyone a learner at new NFER Enquiring School
How action research is helping Paget Primary School
News release | Enquiring Schools

How to ensure academic and vocational routes to work are perceived as equally important, valid and useful
Well-informed teachers, careers professionals and parents are all key
Blog post

Relationship support interventions evaluation
Attending couple counselling results in positive changes in individuals’ relationship quality, well-being and communication
Research report

School approaches to supporting students to remain engaged at key stage 4
Baseline case study report
Research report | Blog post

NFER launches surveys to suit all pockets
NFER School Surveys have been carefully designed to meet schools’ need to gather feedback from pupils, parents/carers and staff
Press release

Evidence in education
A lever for professional autonomy?
Blog post


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