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NFER calls for action to make evidence-based teaching a reality

28 January 2014

Teaching is not currently an evidence-informed profession, and a coordinated set of actions across the teaching and research professions is needed so that evidence can be used to the benefit of all learners.

This is the core message in a new NFER paper that sets out the Foundation’s commitment to bringing evidence into practice, and which is being unveiled today at a special event co-hosted with the Coalition for Evidence Based Education (CEBE) at Church House, Westminster.

Chaired by NFER chief executive Carole Willis, the event is bringing together teachers, researchers and policymakers in the spirit of building partnerships that take action to support system-wide change.

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss some of the key issues raised in today’s publication Why effective use of evidence in the classroom needs system-level change – the latest in the NFER Thinks series of policy papers. These include:

The paper also suggests several pieces of key facilitating infrastructure that would support the process of getting evidence into practice. This includes, for example, a research theme bank that enables to teachers to discuss and formulate questions for future research.

NFER Thinks: Why effective use of evidence in the classroom needs system-level change is freely downloadable from the NFER website.

You can follow the discussions from today’s event on twitter: #EdEvidence

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