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NFER collaborates with NGA and FLT to investigate the role of the executive headteacher

29 January 2016

Executive headteachers form a key part of the school leadership landscape and the role has become increasingly prevalent within schools’ management and governing structures in recent years. However, there has been little research on the nature of the role, the qualities and competencies required, and the range of structures and contexts in which executive headteachers work.

To meet this need, NFER has formed a research partnership with the National Governors Association (NGA) and Future Leaders Trust (FLT) to better understand the prevalence and nature of the executive headteacher role.

The findings from the research will inform policy and practice, including implications for governing bodies appointing to the role, and development support for the role.

Lesley Duff, Head of Research at NFER said: "As the number of executive headteacher roles increases, decisions made by governors, local authorities, academy chains and policy makers about leadership models need to be supported by rigorous evidence. NFER experts are working closely with the NGA and Future Leaders Trust to ensure this need is met through new research."

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