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NFER report highlights innovative work experience practice in schools and sixth form colleges

13 April 2015

A new report, published by the National Foundation for Educational Research, gives an insight into ‘what works’ in successfully delivering the work experience strand of the 16 – 19 study programmes in schools and sixth form colleges.

Called ‘Sharing Innovative Approaches and Overcoming Barriers in Delivering 16-19 Study Programmes Principles’, the report presents findings from research commissioned by the Department for Education and provides some valuable case studies.

It is accompanied by a practical guide for senior leaders in schools and colleges called 'How to provide meaningful experience of the world of work for young people as part of 16 to 19 study programmers'. Its purpose is to provide direction and support to providers to achieve the full implementation of the 16 to 19 programmes.

The six case studies summarised in the report highlight different aspects of effective work experience and how the schools and colleges have developed approaches to improve young people’s employability skills. They identify barriers, and how they have been overcome, drawing out the innovative features of their approaches.

The following are illustrative examples highlighting how work experience programmes have been implemented and delivered: