News release

NFER supports College of Teaching coalition

6 February 2015

NFER has given its backing to the Claim Your College campaign in support of a College of Teaching as part of its response to the Government’s consultation on its vision for a world-class teaching profession, which closed on Tuesday (3 February).

Claim Your College is a large coalition of organisations and individuals from across the education sector that have come together in recent months to develop plans and make a firm proposition about the development of such a college. In a statement submitted to the consultation, NFER outlines how it can support the coalition, or the establishment of the College of Teaching, by offering a unique perspective on evidence-informed practice.

Evidence suggests that schools which understand academic/professional research and apply the learning in support of change often have the best outcomes. Schools that adopt a culture of enquiry, underpinned by an understanding of professional research, are also most likely to improve teaching and learning and improve outcomes for young people.

NFER believes that a College of Teaching could have a key role in supporting an evidence-informed profession, with key functions including:

The full consultation response can be found here.

Information about the forthcoming NFER Self-Review Tool can be found here.