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NFER survey reveals teachers’ views on Royal College plans

13 May 2014

The results of an NFER Teacher Voice omnibus survey, published on Friday (9 May), indicate that the jury is still out among teachers on proposals to establish a Royal College of Teaching.

Across all phases and seniorities, 41 per cent of teachers in the survey said they support the proposals, with 17 per cent saying they don’t, and 41 per cent saying they don’t know. Support is highest among senior leaders at secondary level, at 51 per cent, and lowest among primary classroom teachers (36 per cent).

Commissioned by the Sutton Trust, the survey asked a representative sample of 1163 practitioners from primary and secondary schools about their support for the idea of setting up such a body, ‘which would be responsible for setting professional standards and acting as a forum to share and develop expertise’.

The full results of the survey are detailed in the Sutton Trust’s press release.

For more information about the NFER Teacher Voice omnibus visit the survey’s information pages.