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NFER takes part in Guardian Online discussion

26 February 2014

Ben Durbin, NFER’s Head of Impact, took part in a Guardian online discussion today, exploring evidence-based teaching. The full discussion can be accessed here.

On the panel with Ben were a number of leading voices on the subject. They included: Dr Hilary Leevers, Head of Education and Learning at Wellcome Trust; Emily Yeomans, Grants Manager at the Education Endowment Fund; Mike Bell from Evidence-based teachers network; Geoff Petty, teaching academic; Maggie Webster, Senior lecturer in Primary Education at Edge Hill University and Sameena Choudry, founder of Equitable Education.

The discussion was sparked by the recent announcement to fund neuroscientists going into schools to try to gain a better understanding of how children learn. It explored what practical lessons teachers can take from academic research into how students learn and followed NFER’s recent work on this.

In January, NFER hosted the first in a series of seminars for the Coalition for Evidence-based Education (CEBE) that focused on linking evidence and practice in education. The event was attended by over 70 delegates including researchers, practitioners, school leaders, representative bodies from schools and further education, government agencies and the Department for Education.

Chaired by Carole Willis, NFER Chief Executive, the seminar provided delegates with the opportunity to explore and debate the complex linkages between research and practice, and to hear findings and recommendations from our recent review Using Evidence in the Classroom: What Works and Why?. NFER also launched their latest NFER Thinks paper: Why Effective use of evidence in the classroom needs system-wide change. Videos of the presentations and other materials are available here