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NFER Teacher Voice panel provides Pupil Premium insights

13 June 2014

More results from the March 2014 Teacher Voice omnibus survey have been published today, as the Sutton Trust reveals responses to its questions about schools’ use of Pupil Premium funding.

The Pupil Premium has been paid to schools since April 2011 to help them raise the attainment of their most disadvantaged students.

Teachers were asked to select an answer that best described how their school treats the resources provided by the scheme. The findings were:

The 1,163 teachers that responded were also asked about their priorities when choosing what to spend Pupil Premium money on. Just over half (55 per cent) said early intervention schemes took priority, while 39 per cent said one-to-one tuition was the preferred option. Pupil feedback and peer-to-peer tutoring were priorities for 13 per cent and 2 per cent of respondents, respectively; while 21 per cent of teachers said they didn’t know what their school’s spending priority was.

For further details of the survey results, see the Sutton Trust press release.

Each Teacher Voice survey represents the whole teaching workforce, from headteachers to newly qualified classroom teachers and is representative of publically funded primary and secondary schools in England (including Academies). Only the survey results were provided by NFER.

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