Press Releases

20 March 2018
Reduce working hours to tackle teacher retention, suggests new research
According to a new study by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), teachers work the longest hours at 50 hours per week during term time. These long working hours can create pressure and stress, with potential negative effects on health and well-being, all of which may impact on staff retention...

7 December 2017
Improve job satisfaction to stop teachers quitting the classroom
New research indicates that improved job satisfaction is the main driver for teachers who leave the profession...

5 December 2017
Primary schools in Northern Ireland continue to rank among the best in the world in reading
A major international survey of pupil achievement in reading published today shows that pupils aged 9 -10 in Northern Ireland are amongst the best readers in the world...

24 November 2017
Collaborating with businesses will support London youngsters in making best career choices
Encouraging and supporting businesses to become involved in education is seen as a priority for London’s schools and colleges, according to a new report released today by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) and London Councils...

25 October 2017
Focused support needed to tackle teacher supply challenge in London, says research
The teacher supply challenge in London is particularly acute and policymakers should look to provide special support such as housing subsidies to help retain teachers in such a high-cost city, a new report recommends...

24 October 2017
Better part-time opportunities needed for secondary school teachers
The Government and stakeholders in the secondary sector need to urgently look at identifying ways in which more and better part-time working can be accommodated in secondary schools, a new report recommends...

19 October 2017
Delivering a reception baseline assessment - why a standardised administration is fairer than an observational approach
The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) has today published a new NFER Thinks paper in which it outlines the reasons for having a standardised or uniform approach to the administration and scoring of a school-entry or reception assessment to use as a baseline for measuring progress across the primary phase...

19 July 2017
Schools could turn to one another for support in time of budget constraints
The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) today publishes new analysis of schools in England that shows there is considerable potential within the current state schools system to improve the quality of underperforming schools ‘in need’ of support through school-to-school partnerships with high-performing schools within a set radius...

27 June 2017
Being part of Multi-Academy Trusts may help schools in challenging areas to recruit and retain teachers
Multi-academy trusts (MATs) can offer a mechanism for getting teachers to teach in schools with disadvantaged pupil intakes that might otherwise struggle to recruit and retain staff, a new study finds...

22 June 2017
If the Government remains committed to UTCs it needs to do more to help them establish themselves and thrive says new research
A new report by the National Foundation of Educational Research (NFER), released today, has highlighted that if the Government remains committed to University Technical Colleges (UTCs) being the best option for promoting and improving technical / vocational education, it needs to do more to help them establish themselves and thrive...

21 June 2017
Best starting point for measuring pupil progress is an age-appropriate, standardised baseline assessment in reception year
The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) has today published its submission to the Government’s consultation on primary assessment which closes this Thursday 22 June...

16 May 2017
Leaving rates are particularly high for early-career teachers in EBacc subjects new analysis has revealed
Analysis carried out by National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) has found that maths, science and language teachers have high rates of leaving the profession, particularly in the first five years of their careers....

28 April 2017
Headteacher retention a growing concern, according to new research
New research carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) has found that headteacher retention rates have fallen since 2012, giving cause for concern....

24 April 2017
National Foundation for Educational Resarch appoints new Chair of Board of Trustees
The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), a leading independent research organisation, is delighted to announce the appointment of Lorna Cocking as Chair of the NFER Board of Trustees....

20 April 2017
New analysis reveals dramatic differences in the challenges facing Regional Schools Commissioners
NFER has analysed the latest performance data of all schools in England and identified the number of schools in each of the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) areas that require support in order to improve....

21 March 2017
Educational organisations provide an approach to developing a whole school assessment that supports each and every learner
A new resource - Refocusing Assessment - to support teachers and school leaders in developing a whole school assessment approach has been jointly published by three educational organisations...

9 March 2017
No academic benefit to attending partially selective schools
New analysis published today by NFER compares the results of pupils at partially selective schools with comparable pupils at similar, non-selective schools and shows that there is no overall academic benefit to attending a partially selective school...

3 March 2017
NFER undertaking major new analysis to improve understanding of teacher retention and workforce turnover
A major education research grant from the Nuffield Foundation is funding a new 14-month research project by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) to gain more detailed understanding of the factors associated with teacher retention, turnover and returning to teaching, and how the teaching profession compares to other professions, such as nursing and policing...

16 December 2016
Disadvantage limits pupil achievement at every level of English society, says new research
The impact of the socio-economic background of pupils in England on their mathematics performance can be seen from the most to least disadvantaged, but many other factors are relatively more important to pupil performance in England than in other countries, according to a new report published today by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)...

30 November 2016
Academy numbers have increased but vary by region – says new research
There has been a steady increase in the number of academies that have opened since Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs) took up their posts in September 2014, new research by the National Foundation for Educational Research has revealed...

29 November 2016
TIMSS 2015 in Northern Ireland: Mathematics and Science
The IEA’s Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) takes place every four years and provides data about trends in mathematics and science achievement over time...

16 November 2016
More clarity required if apprenticeship reforms are to be delivered on time, say providers
A group of apprenticeship providers told independent researchers from NFER that they remain uncertain about much of the detail of the government’s apprenticeship reforms, hindering their ability to deliver by the May 2017 deadline...

9 September 2016
Keeping teachers engaged is key to teacher retention according to new research
If you engage your teachers they are more likely to stay – that’s the message from new research published today by NFER...

8 July 2016
New research sees rapid growth of Executive Headteachers in England despite undefined remit and responsibilities
Research by three leading education charities has found that the number of executive headteachers in England is rapidly increasing even though their remit and responsibilities are largely undefined...

28 June 2016
No significant improvements in pupil attainment associated with academy status for primary schools, latest research shows
There is no compelling evidence that academy status results in an improvement in the performance of pupils in primary schools...

8 April 2016
NFER response to DfE statement on reception baseline assessment

30 November 2015
Should I stay or should I go? NFER analysis of teachers joining and leaving the profession
NFER today releases its analysis of teachers joining and leaving the profession....

14 October 2015
New findings from NFER informs Arts Council England's new cultural education challenge
NFER today releases two reports as part of Arts Council England’s launch of the Cultural Education Challenge....

9 September 2015
RSCs face different and challenging roles - New research reveals
England’s eight Regional Schools Commissioners face different and challenging roles and a wide variation of issues in each region, according to new research published today...

1 July 2015
NFER Reception Baseline Assessment now approved by DFE for delivery September 2015
The DfE has today confirmed NFER as one of three approved suppliers of the new reception baseline assessment for use by schools in September 2015....

1 July 2015
No significant link between academy status and improved pupil progress in latest GCSE results, says new research
NFER research evidence published today shows that there is no significant difference in overall school performance between academies and similar maintained schools in 2014....

12 June 2015
First ever RCT to achieve the highest rating of research quality
NFER's evaluation of the ‘Improving Numeracy and Literacy’ trial has been awarded five 'padlocks', the first ever randomised controlled trial (RCT) to achieve this top rating of research quality from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)...

9 June 2015
NFER launches 2014 Impact Review
NFER has today launched its third published annual review of impact. The NFER 2014 Impact Review highlights the significant progress that has been achieved during the year...

16 April 2015
Three quarters of parents feel they have a genuine choice of school says NFER report
On the day that parents find out if their children have a place at their 1st choice of primary school in September, NFER has published the first part of a new report on parents' views of school choice...

27 March 2015
NFER launches free Self-Review Tool to help schools and colleges with research engagement
NFER has launched a new Self-Review Tool for schools and colleges to review their engagement with research and signpost to relevant resources to help them move along their research journey...

26 March 2015
Child neglect is everyone’s business
A greater sense of shared responsibility between local authorities and communities is key to identifying and tackling early signs of child neglect, according to research published today...

23 March 2015
Evaluation of Bikeability training programme
NFER research finds children more confident about cycling and better able to perceive and respond to hazards

16 March 2015
Improving Employability
Many schools, colleges and employers want to develop stronger links to prepare young people for work...

4 February 2015
NFER confirmed as a DfE approved supplier for Baseline Assessment
NFER has today been awarded government accreditation for its NFER Reception Baseline Assessment...

2 December 2014
NFER appoints new Director of Research
NFER is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Lesley Duff as its new Director of Research...

26 November 2014
NFER joins Coalition for Evidence-based Education
NFER has become a partner in CEBE, an alliance of researchers, policymakers and practitioners...

4 November 2014
NFER launches PISA-Based Test for Schools in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands
Secondary schools can now for the first time use the OECD PISA-Based Test for Schools as a school assessment tool...

22 July 2014
Further education and skills sector needs training boost to strengthen STEM offering, report finds
The quality of post-16 courses in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is being undermined by a lack of time for staff to develop their skills and knowledge in line with the pace of change in their subject areas...

1 July 2014
Creating a research-engaged school - a guide for senior leaders
Research published today by the National Foundation for Educational Research and the United Learning group of schools gives an insight into how teachers use research evidence in the classroom...

28 April 2014
Sky News questions NFER Teacher Voice panel about pupils in nappies
As part of a Sky News investigation, NFER was asked to include a question in its March 2014 Teacher Voice omnibus survey...

10 April 2014
Careers: a clear brief for schools and colleges
Four leading education bodies have come together to support schools and colleges with a good practice brief to help young people to take charge of their careers and their futures...

4 April 2014
NFER unveils guide to RCTs for schools
A new resource to help schools get to grips with randomised controlled trials (RCTs) will be officially launched by NFER at the ResearchEd Midlands conference this Saturday, 6 April...

5 February 2014
NFER launches surveys to suit all pockets
NFER has launched a new service that puts professional information gathering within the reach of all schools to help them improve outcomes for pupils...

1 November 2013
Talk to young people about alcohol – they do listen, says research
Giving young people the facts about alcohol and its effects, equipping them to make informed decisions, and promoting responsible choices has been found to delay the onset of drinking...

26 September 2013
Families and practitioners want early intervention to prevent child neglect, says research
Families with children at risk of neglect, amongst other difficulties, feel under-informed about how local services can help them, and will often only ask for help once they reach crisis...

19 September 2013
Expert guides help teachers get to grips with primary curriculum change
NFER has launched two suites of practical guides to bring teachers quickly up to speed with the new primary National Curriculum...

18 September 2013
Narrowing the gap: new guide shows schools how to harness parent power
NFER and OUP have today published a practical guide to help primary schools encourage more parents from disadvantaged groups to play an active role in their children’s education...

11 September 2013
NFER calls for action as evidence reinforces findings of Ofsted report on careers guidance
NFER calls on the Government, careers professionals, schools, further education providers and employers to work together to find an effective and workable solution...

9 September 2013
New scheme is the mark of quality research
NFER has launched a new quality mark to recognise schools, colleges and early years settings that carry out their own research to enhance teaching and learning...

3 September 2013
GCSE science is a model of success: reform with caution, warn experts
England’s secondary schools deliver a world class science education, and proposals to reform the system which should build on that success could derail it instead...

20 August 2013
GCSEs: radical rethink needed to make maths education add up for all students
NFER has today published a paper calling for a radical rethink of mathematics education...

24 July 2013
National Foundation for Educational Research announces new Chief Executive
The Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Carole Willis as Chief Executive with effect from December 2013.

20 June 2013
Narrowing the achievement gap: parents are the key, says report
Schools know how important it is to engage parents in their child’s learning – and that this is not always easy. A new study...

25 February 2013
NFER releases new generation of optional tests
Today sees the official release of the new NFER tests in reading and mathematics for pupils in years 3, 4 and 5. The tests are now available for use in classrooms this academic year...

18 December 2012
Intervene early to stem the tide of young unemployed, experts agree
Tapping into what makes youngsters tick at primary school level, and at key stages 3 and 4, to help prevent them dropping out at a later stage is emerging as a key area of consensus...

11 December 2012
Schools in Northern Ireland rank among the best in the world, says report
Analysis of two major international surveys of pupil achievement by NFER for the Department of Education Northern Ireland shows that pupils aged 9 -10 in Northern Ireland (NI) performed very well in both reading and maths...

11 December 2012
Teachers in England are among the most confident in the world, surveys show
Analysis of two major international surveys of pupil achievement by NFER for the Department for Education shows that we are building current education developments in England from a strong foundation...

7 December 2012
NFER launches 2012 Impact Review
The NFER 2012 Impact Review highlights some of the important work that has been achieved during the year to inform policy and influence practice...

4 May 2012
NFER launches new tests for years 3, 4 and 5
NFER has unveiled a new generation of optional tests in response to calls from teachers for an up-to-date alternative to many of the tests widely used in key stage 2...

20 February 2012
Qualifications are no longer be-all and end-all for youngsters turned off by tuition fee hike says report
The recent rise in university tuition fees has caused significant numbers of young people to question the need for qualifications as a means of achieving their goals...

16 January 2012
Educational charity helps shape future of Computing in schools
NFER will be at the heart of developments in the way children learn about Computing in schools thanks to collaborations with two key players in the Government’s plans to reshape the curriculum.

4 January 2012
Ofsted-friendly system can help schools prepare for when the Inspector calls
School self evaluation can now be done in an easy, affordable way with the School Self Evaluation Tracker (SSET), a one-stop online solution offered by...

16 November 2011
Being left out is worst form of bullying according to research
Schools and parents should be aware of the potential harm done to young people when they experience bullying through ‘being left out’, according to research carried out...

9 November 2011
Merger creates new force for change in education
Futurelab Education and NFER announce their merger, effective immediately.

26 August 2011
Prospective university students are re-considering their options
Most pupils who were planning to attend university from September 2012 onwards are re-considering their plans in light of the increase in tuition fees.

26 May 2011
New report shows that teaching approaches can help young people build their resilience to extremism
Work conducted by NFER and OPM helps those in schools and other education settings meet the challenge with growing confidence.

31 March 2011
Integration and community cohesion national pilot improves children’s attitudes and behaviour at local level
NFER’s recent evaluation of the School Linking Network national pilot programme found that, overall, it was having a positive impact on the pupils and school and LA staff involved at local level.

22 December 2010
Reasons to be cheerful - be a boy and eat dinner with your family
Given current interest in a wellbeing index that measures happiness, the results of a survey carried out by NFER on behalf of the DFE, produced some interesting results.

22 December 2010
School funding and the pupil premium - what changes will the new system bring?
The NFER has explored the context of changes to the way schools are to be funded and considered the issues around the allocation and use of school funding.

22 November 2010
As young people in England show hardening attitudes to immigration and a lack of trust in politicians, how can citizenship education help to engage them in their communities?
Citizenship Education Longitudinal Survey (CELS), final report.

22 November 2010
International citizenship survey shows England's teenagers have a strong sense of national identity but poor civic knowledge of the EU
International Civic and Citizenship Study (ICCS).

23 July 2010
Teachers have their say on how well the Common Assessment Framework works in their school
A recent survey of teachers’ views shows that a large majority now have good awareness of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), its benefits, and its use in their school.

21 July 2010
Designing a new assessment system: messages for policymakers
The current assessment system is under review, providing a genuine opportunity to reconsider what assessments are used for, what information the government, policy makers and schools need...

28 June 2010
Young people and crime: they're not as bad as we think
New research from NFER once again opens up the mismatch between the perceptions of the extent to which young people are involved in crime and anti-social behaviour, and the reality.

26 May 2010
Verdict on APP in KS3 Science generally positive, despite fears about increased workload
Views about the introduction of Assessing Pupils’ Progress (APP) in KS3 Science are mixed, according to NFER’s new survey of LA secondary science consultants.

4 May 2010
What do teachers want from the new government?
Teachers are sending out a clear message to politicians that they want more stability and less change...

15 April 2010
CAF process leads to better outcomes - but challenges remain
The common assessment framework - CAF - process can support improved outcomes for children, young people and their families by ensuring that they receive appropriate and timely support...

23 March 2010
Getting children to eat more fruit and vegetables: longer-term benefits
This third and latest evaluation of the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) explored the impact of the scheme in the longer term.

18 March 2010
Teaching children to stay safe online – the European picture
New research from Eurydice at NFER shows how 30 European countries teach online safety.

16 March 2010
Bursary provides life-changing opportunities for young people
As independent schools around the country assess this year’s applications for scholarships and bursaries, new research has shown that Rugby School’s Arnold Foundation is providing life-changing opportunities for the young people it supports.

26 February 2010
Winners of new research award announced
Two colleges will be the first recipients of a new award that recognises commitment to putting research at the heart of practice in schools and colleges.

17 February 2010
Teachers divided about new School Report Cards
In an announcement in October 2008, Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, announced that School Report Cards would be introduced to give parents a...

1 February 2010
Sex education - all you ever wanted to know about how it’s taught in other countries
New research from NFER demonstrates the variety of approaches that different countries have adopted to teach sex and relationships education (SRE), and whether learning the facts of life at school should be compulsory.

12 January 2010
NFER launches enhanced support for APP
NFER has improved its powerful formative e-assessment package, i-nfer plan, to make teachers’ Assessing Pupils’ Progress (APP) judgments more accurate and save them time.

29 October 2009
Citizenship is coming of age and making its mark in schools
Embedding Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools in England is NFER’s latest report from the groundbreaking Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study (CELS).

23 September 2009
Citizenship and Values Education to the Rescue! A Shared Call to Action by the ‘Five Nations Network’
David Kerr of NFER worked with the influential Five Nations Network to produce a shared Call to Action for Citizenship and Values Education.

27 July 2009
NFER to hand over historic collection to Slough
Sue Rossiter, chief executive of NFER, will be handing over the NFER/Reg Harrison collection of historic documents and memorabilia to the Mayor of Slough at the ...

16 June 2009
The art of change management in schools – complex and not straightforward
Although the education sector has experienced significant changes in recent years and fears have frequently been voiced about ‘initiative overload’ affecting staff, new ...

11 June 2009
Teachers welcome new science assessment for 7-11 year olds which supports APP
NFER has developed a powerful formative e-assessment package for KS2 Science which supports teacher assessment and assessing Pupils' Progress.

8 June 2009
National curriculum assessment at a turning point: successes, failures and alternatives
At a time of dramatic changes in national testing, an authoritative and thought provoking Special Issue reviews the successes and failures of national curriculum ...