RCTs in the Social Sciences 2015 - 10th Annual Conference

9-11 September, Alcuin Research and Resource Centre (ARRC), University of York

During the conference itself, Dr Ben Styles, Head of NFER's Education Trials Unit, will be chairing the session on education trials and presenting on the last 10 years of RCTs in education research. The conference will be followed by a workshop on trial designs, requirements and the implementation within a social science setting, run by Dr Ben Styles, together with Hannah Ainsworth and Professor David Torgerson from the University of York. Ben will be discussing sample size requirements and calculations for randomised trials. David will look at different trial designs and the implementation of these within a social science setting. Hannah will look at the challenges of recruiting participants (schools and students) into education trials and describe which recruitment strategies do and don’t work. This workshop will take place on 11 September in the ARRC Building at the University of York.

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