researchED 2016

Saturday 10 September 2016, Capital City Academy, Willesden, NW10 3ST

NFER researchers shared their latest insights and expertise on key issues at the researchED 2016 National Conference.

Karen Wespieser presented our latest research on teacher retention, discussing the factors influencing teachers to stay or leave the profession, and what could be done to at both a policy and practice level to keep excellent teachers in teaching.

Matt Walker presented and consulted on draft practical guidelines being developed by the Coalition for Evidence-Based Education for schools working to become more evidence-informed in their practice.

See below for more information on our two sessions – to book your place, please visit the researchED website.

Keeping excellent teachers in the classroom: the latest research on teacher retention

More teachers are needed. Although nationally the number of teachers that join the state sector is roughly the same as those that leave, the number of pupils is set to increase and regionally the figures are much more mixed. There is plenty of talk about recruiting more teachers to cope with this, but what about how to keep the excellent ones we already have?

This session shared insights from two of 2016’s most important teacher retention projects. Karen Wespieser presented new NFER research on teacher career intentions building on the work of our 2015 report ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?

She presented alongside teacher and researcher Emma Kell (@thosethatcan), who shared highlights from her forthcoming book on teacher well-being and retention.


Slides from the presentation on keeping excellent teachers in the classroom

Between them, the research projects have collected the views of over 5,000 teachers and this session presented the main findings and discussed what can be done at both a policy and practice level to help keep teachers in the state sector.

Karen (@KarenWespieser) is a Senior Research Manager and member of NFER’s Impact team. She is also a school governor.

How do we create the conditions in schools for research-engagement to flourish? A consultation by CEBE

For many schools, research-engagement remains a challenge. As part of the Coalition for Evidence-Based Education (CEBE), Matt Walker (NFER), alongside Katy Theobald (The Future Leaders’ Trust) and Ben White (Research Champion at the Ashford Teaching Alliance), presented and consulted on draft guidance for schools on how to create an environment in which evidence-informed practice can flourish.

Matt is a researcher and member of NFER’s Impact Team which is leading efforts to ensure that our research engages effectively with policymakers, teachers, and others involved in the education sector to ensure that policy and practice are consistently informed by the best available evidence.