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Response to ATL/NUT survey: The introduction of Baseline Assessment

12 February 2016

As a charity we are absolutely committed to working with schools to develop useful and appropriate products and services that support an excellent education for all children and young people. We are aware of the ATL/NUT research report and do not consider that it accurately reflects the views of NFER Reception Baseline Assessment (NFER RBA) users.  We have carried out our own customer survey with over 300 NFER RBA users and have seen quite different results from the ones presented in the report. We take considerable pride in the fact that 84% of respondents to our survey of NFER RBA users thought that our task-based approach to assessment was good or very good.

Other results from NFER’s survey of its RBA users

Further information can be found on the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment web pages, and in blog posts by NFER Research Director, Catherine Kirkup, and by Marian Sainsbury, assessment expert, former Primary teacher, and NFER research associate.