School funding and outcomes

11 October 2017, Westminster

Carole Willis chaired an event on school funding in conjunction with the Centre for Education Economics (CFEE). Despite widespread concerns about the level of school funding, much of the academic literature has struggled to find a significant link between changes in school expenditure and changes in pupil outcomes. Moreover, schools with similar levels of funding can achieve very different levels of pupil attainment. A panel drew their conclusions as to where the balance of evidence lies on these important issues, with particular attention to the impact of changes to school funding and social mobility in England, including the likely effects of the new National Funding Formula. Our Head of International Education, Ben Durbin was also one of the panellists at the event.

For more information about the event, please visit the CFEE website.


Slides from Ben Durbin's presentation at the event.


NFER research: A guide to evidence on school funding

Following the real-terms freeze in per pupil school funding since 2010 and the proposed changes to the National Funding Formula (NFF), the issue of school funding has been a hot topic. As a result, NFER commissioned a research review that focused on the following key questions:

The review, published in January 2018, is now available to view via this link.