Press release

Sky News questions NFER Teacher Voice panel about pupils in nappies

28 April 2014

As part of a Sky News investigation, NFER was asked to include a question in its March 2014 Teacher Voice omnibus survey.

Teachers were asked whether any children in Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2 had worn a nappy in their school in the past year. They were asked not to consider any children with a recognised Special Educational Need or with a recognised medical condition that meant they would need to wear a nappy.

The findings were:

Maria Charles, Director of Research and Product Operations at NFER, who runs the Teacher Voice omnibus surveys, commented: “This is clearly an important area, and following the results we recommend that more in-depth research be done to understand some of the details behind the response.”

The Teacher Voice panel represents the whole teaching workforce, from headteachers to newly qualified classroom teachers, drawn from a representative sample of publically funded primary and secondary schools in England (including Academies).Only the survey results were provided by NFER.

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