News release

Study sheds light on NEET prevention

6 November 2014

Interim findings from an NFER study, published today, show promising signs that early, targeted school-based interventions could help prevent certain young people becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) when they leave school.

The two-year project is following up to 10 case study schools from across England that are running a range of support programmes specifically aimed at Key Stage 4 students who are at risk of disengaging, but do not face significant barriers to learning. Previous NFER research has shown that this group make up almost two-thirds of those described as NEET, but often fall through the cracks because they do not present obvious home or school-related difficulties.

Analysing the emerging evidence from the current project, NFER researchers have identified some common themes among the different interventions about what seems to working to reconnect these students with learning. These form the basis for a practical Top Tips guide for senior leaders in schools, also published today.

Key points include:

The full guide, NEET prevention: Keeping students engaged at Key Stage 4, top tips for senior leaders, and supporting research, NEET Prevention: Keeping students engaged at Key Stage 4: Second case study report, are freely downloadable from the NFER website.

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