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Take part in activities to improve Key Stage 2 literacy: the Literacy Octopus!

1 September 2014

Are you a teacher or school looking to improve Key Stage 2 literacy? A major new initiative has been launched to help teachers to improve pupils’ Key Stage 2 literacy, all based on the latest research evidence.

Funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), Department for Education and the London Schools Excellence Fund, this initiative involves a number of high profile organisations helping schools to improve literacy in Key Stage 2, through evidence-based support and materials. Schools will be randomly selected to receive free support or materials via one of several different approaches, all designed to improve Key Stage 2 literacy by drawing on research evidence. Activities will range from booklets and magazines outlining effective literacy strategies, to more active support through CPD sessions and online help.

This is an exciting opportunity for schools to receive free support from high profile organisations, to support school improvement. Taking part in the trial will help NFER and its research partners establish the best means of helping schools raise literacy attainment.

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