UAE Public Policy Forum

15-16 January 2018, Dubai World Trade Centre, United Arab Emirates

Our Head of Operations Development, Helen Selden will be participating in a panel discussion about benchmarking for public private partnerships.

It is now widely accepted that governments can only keep pace with satisfying the population’s demand by engaging private sector involvement in infrastructure development, management of services and delivery of goods. How do governments determine the best pathway for public private partnerships that promote development? What model of PPP best meets the needs in various sectors? What are the criteria for engaging in PPPs? How does the UK design PPPs to make them adaptable in various context and over the lifetime of the project? What are some best practice elements in undertaking PPPs? What are the most common mistakes in PPP project financial structuring? What lessons can be drawn from the UK and other countries with more advanced PPP programs?

For more information visit the UAE Public Policy website.