Westminster Education Forum Seminar: Using data and evidence in education

30 March 2017, Central London

Pippa Lord discussed the different ways teachers engage with research evidence in practice, and what could be done to further support and encourage research use by teachers.

Pippa is a Senior Research Manager in NFER’s Centre for Evaluation and Consultancy, and a member of NFER’s Education Trials Unit. She is currently leading two evaluations for the Education Endowment Foundation’s Research Use projects, focusing on teachers’ engagement with and use of research evidence. These include the evaluation of Evidence for the Frontline, a brokerage service that is intended to guide teachers to relevant research to make evidence-informed decisions; and the evaluation of the Literacy Octopus, a multi-armed trial of how evidence-based support can be best disseminated and provided to schools.

For more information on the seminar, please visit Westminster Education Forum website.