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Would you like to help pilot a new approach to maths learning?

27 March 2014

We are seeking six schools from Scotland and six schools from England to participate in an exciting new project which will trial the flipped learning pedagogy during the summer and autumn terms.

We will provide full support with implementing the approach, including a curriculum linked resource of mathematics explanation videos based on the popular Khan Academy website.

The research is being undertaken by NFER and NESTA and will explore whether the activities taking place during ‘flipped learning’ differ to those being delivered in a more traditional way, and whether this new model of learning is likely to lead to improved attainment for students and/or deeper understanding of mathematics. The approach is gaining increasing interest and use by teachers, and this research aims to provide evidence on how the approach can be used effectively.

Participation would involve adopting the flipped learning model with one key stage 3 class in England, or one S1-S3 mathematics class in Scotland, and providing access to another mathematics class in the same year who will act as a comparison group. Interviews and short surveys will be undertaken with the teachers and students involved to explore their experiences of the approach and perceptions of its impact.

We would be delighted if your school felt able to work with us on evaluating this exciting and innovative approach to teaching, which has the potential to improve students’ learning in mathematics and be applied in a range of circumstances.

For more information about the study please see the FAQ or contact Matt Walker