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DfE continues to reimburse baseline assessments

The NFER Reception Baseline Assessment is approved for use in the 2016 to 2017 academic year. Baseline assessments will no longer be used as an accountability measure, however the DfE will continue to reimburse the basic cost of the assessment for local authority maintained schools.

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Regular surveys highlight trends and improvements
Are you looking to track your school's survey results over time efficiently? NFER School Surveys provide valuable comparison to national data to help do this. This case study shows how Elstow Primary School is using regular NFER School Surveys to help interpret their results and put them into context. 

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NEET Prevention - Keeping students engaged at Key Stage 4
New research reveals how to support teenagers disengaging from school and reduce the risk of them becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training). The results from this three-year exploratory study into the impact of school-based programmes have been published on our website here.

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Headteachers' perspectives on the In Harmony programme
NFER was commissioned to undertake a national evaluation of the In Harmony social and musical education programme 2012 - 2015. The programme is funded by the DfE and Arts Council England, and is currently being piloted in six areas. 

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Measure pupil progress with NFER Tests Suite 2 summer and autumn
After extensive trialling, NFER Tests are now on a single scale, allowing pupil progress to be measured. When using the tests together, progress can be demonstrated within a school year or year on year. 

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NFER Analysis and Marking Service available for NFER Tests summer
The NFER Analysis and Marking Service has been popular with schools using NFER Tests Suite 2. Additional dates have been added, and schools can order this complete marking and analysis service by 6 June to have the reports available by 2 September and tests returned by 9 September. 

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This month's blogs

The known unknowns of teacher supply
NFER’s Karen Wespieser looks at the validity of some recent statistics around teacher supply, what she calls the ‘known unknowns’, and what it takes to gather the data that informs the real ‘known knowns'.

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Weaving a little magic
Gareth Mills looks at the difference between thinking 'fast' and 'slow'. His blog aims to highlight the importance of slow-thinking space for reflective professionals in order to stand back from the all-consuming experience that is day-to-day teaching and evaluate what is working. 

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