LARC2: integrated children's services and the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) process

This report contains the collective findings of the 24 authorities involved in the LARC2 project, which uses the CAF as a proxy to explore the effective integration between targeted and universal services, looking at outcomes for children, young people and their families.
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Press Release

Teacher Voice
Party policies are out of touch with teachers' views on education. To read the full release follow the link below. 
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National evaluation of Diplomas: the first year of delivery

This summary reports the findings of research which explored experiences of the first year of delivery of the first five Diploma lines of learning amongst a sample of 30 consortia approved to commence delivery in September 2008.
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National evaluation of Diplomas: preparation for 2009 delivery

This summary focuses on the findings of the research into the experience of preparation for implementation and delivery of Diplomas in the first ten lines of learning from September 2009. It presents the findings from baseline case-study visits (conducted between February and May 2009) to 15 of the consortia delivering from September 2009. Six of these consortia already had experience of planning for Diploma delivery from September 2008 but the remaining nine were engaged in planning for delivery of these new qualifications for the first time.
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Research engaged school/college Award
More winners announced!
Seven schools and colleges have so far been confirmed as winners of the recently launched Research Engaged School and College Award and others are currently being judged.

Receipt of the Award shows that a school or college has been recognised for its commitment to undertaking research, and for having set in place suitable quality assurance processes for its research. The award, developed in response to the growing interest in action research in schools and colleges, is open to whole schools, departments or faculties where a group of people have made the decision to do their own research to help improve learning and teaching.  

Each successful school or college receives a certificate and a logo to use on their paperwork, promoting their achievement and commitment.
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