Practical research for education: issue 42 

Issue 42 is now available online. Download the free feature article Nature of experience: engaging special needs learners through the natural world.

Articles also in this issue include:

  • Profile interview with Andrew Morris
  • Toolkit 9: using focus groups 
  • Working successfully across agencies: a practice model for the future
  • What is the 'truth' and what can we do with it?

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Just published

The Sustainable Communities Act: analysis of proposals submitted by councils
The Sustainable Communities Act: analysis of proposals submitted by councils
This report aims to disseminate the findings from an analysis of the proposals submitted by English councils under the Sustainable Communities Act (SCA), it provides a snapshot of key patterns and trends emerging from the different types of local authorities (LAs) in the nine regions and with varying political control.
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Eurydice and INCA news

New publication from INCA

Sex and relationship education in other countries
This INCA desk research summarises the ways in which sex and relationships education is provided in a selection of European and international countries, covering what is taught and to what age group, and whether parents have the right to withdraw their children from any aspects of this provision. 
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Managing school reorganisation
This report provides a practical guide for local authorities to develop their strategies and approaches for school reorganisation.
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