Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2009

PISA 2009 national reports for England, Wales and Northern Ireland are now available.

PISA is the world’s biggest international education survey, involving schools and students in over 50 countries, assessing the knowledge and skills of 15 year olds as they approach the end of compulsory education.

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Just published

Safeguarding children - literature review
The purpose of this study is to identify any evidence of changes and improvements in safeguarding practice since the Laming review.
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Use of an apptitude test in university entrance: a validity study. Final report
The NFER carried out a longitudinal study examining the potential use of an aptitude test (the SAT Reasoning TestTM), in university admissions. The study tracked a cohort of over 8000 young people who had taken the SAT® in 2005. The final phase of the project was completed in 2010 with the analysis of the degree outcomes of approximately 2800 participants who had entered higher education (HE) in 2006 and graduated in 2009 after three-year degree courses.
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Survey of teachers 2010: support to improve teaching practice
Research was undertaken by NFER via a representative survey of registered teachers which explored teachers’ experiences of the different forms of support they receive to help them maintain and develop their teaching practice.
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Languages at Key Stage 4 2009. Evaluation of the impact of the languages review recommendations: findings from the 2009 survey
The main aims of the evaluation were to collect factual data on languages provision and uptake at KS4 in maintained secondary schools in England.
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Citizenship education in England 2001-2010: young people's practices and prospects for the future: the eighth and final report from the Citizenship Educational Longitudinal Study (CELS)
The main aims of this study were to assess the short-term and long-term effects of citizenship education on young people in England.
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Young people's civic attitudes and practices: Englands outcomes from the IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS)
ICCS is a large-scale study of pupil knowledge and understanding, dispositions and attitudes, which is administered across 38 countries worldwide. In 2006 NFER was commissioned to coordinate the administration and analysis of England’s participation. The results presented here are based upon England’s national dataset.
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New projects

Council progress on tackling child poverty
The main aim of this project will be to assess the progress of Local Authorities in meeting the new duties placed upon them in the Child Poverty Act.
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An overview of the perceptions of young people and their parents/carers in relation to the forthcoming SEN/LLDD Green Paper
The project aims to collect, capture, classify and analyse examples of consultative activities local authorities are conducting with children, young people and their parents and carers in order to gauge these service users’ views on different proposed models of assessment and provision.
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News and Events

North of England Education Conference 2011, our world, our future
Hilton and Imperial Hotels, Blackpool, 5th-7th January 2011

NFER will be exhibiting at the North of England Education Conference, hosted by Blackpool Council. The event will be an ideal networking and learning opportunity for senior decision makers in education, Children's Services and associated organisations.
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LSIS Research Conference 2011, the new world we're in: implications for research and practitioner enquiry in the learning and skills sector
Park Plaza Victoria, London, 1st March 2011

LSIS have announced details of their 2011 Research Conference. Keynote speakers will include Professor Gert Biesta; Professor of Education University of Stirling, who will examine the role of research and practitioner enquiry in relation to new approaches to accountability.
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Eurydice and INCA news

New from Eurydice at NFER

Admission to upper secondary education
The Eurydice National Unit for the Czech Republic placed an enquiry to the Eurydice information network on education in Europe on admission to (upper) secondary school. This briefing summarises the responses from 15 European countries.
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History in the curriculum
This briefing paper provides an overview of the position of history in the curriculum in 25 European countries.
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Compulsory age of starting school in European countries
This table includes information on school starting ages in 34 European countries.
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Studying abroad: key sources of information for higher education students
This recently updated factsheet provides a brief listing of resources which UK higher education students wishing to study abroad may find of interest.
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Preparing for your study visit
Eurydice at NFER has recently updated its factsheet 'Preparing for your study visit', aimed at UK participants in study visits to other European countries, e.g. through the Transversal programme.
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New from INCA

Curriculum review in the INCA countries
This thematic probe examines the review and development of the curriculum in the INCA countries. It aims to answer questions about the scheduling of the curriculum review, coverage and drivers for curriculum review, and the extent to which consistency of the curriculum across phases is a feature of these changes.
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