Research-engaged schools/colleges award - winners announced

South Dartmoor College and The Sixth Form College Farnborough are the first recipients of the new Research engaged school and college award, from NFER in partnership with NUT, LSIS, National College, IfL and Education Journal.

The awards were presented at the recent LSIS conference in London on 26th february 2010.

Receiving a Research Engaged Award shows that a school or college has been recognised by a leading research organisation for its commitment to undertaking research, and for having set in place suitable quality assurance processes for its research.

The process is on-going and the Awards will be announced termly. If you would like to apply, go the website to find out how and to check the criteria that is being applied.

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Just published

Research into the implementation of APP in Key Stage 3 science: interim report, executive summary

This interim report documents the findings from the first online questionnaire which was 'live' between 5th May 2009 and 15th May 2009.
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Classroom resources from NFER

Assessment for learning:literacy
This innovative, dual purpose pack for Key Stage 2 teachers and pupils provides tailored resources for teaching literacy.The materials are also designed to develop peer assessment skills and embed Assessment for Learning strategies into primary classrooms. The packs offer pre-planned lessons for up to half a term’s worth of literacy teaching, but might also be used to form the basis of cross curricular topic work. The subject matter has been chosen to complement other subject areas of the National Curricula for each age group. 
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Have your say!

Teachers divided about school report cards

In November 2009 NFER’s regular Teacher Voice omnibus survey asked almost 1400 teachers about their views in general on the proposed introduction of the School Report Card, and their thoughts about specific measures to be included on it. Read the findings and tell us your opinion by following the link below.

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