Research toolkit: the how-to guide from practical research for education volume 2

Volume 2 gathers together nine articles from the journal, practical research for education. This guide will beuseful not only to teachers, educational researchers and education students, but also to anyone interested in social sciences research more generally.

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Just published

Hidden talents - exploiting the link between engagement of young people and the economy
The LG Group commissioned NFER to undertake research to support local authorities by identifying a range of opportunities for local authorities and businesses to work together for mutual benefit.
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Making the links between teachers' professional standards, induction, performance management and continuing professional development
This report sets out the findings from a study commissioned by the then Department for Children, Schools and Families (now the Department for Education) which evaluates the extent to which ‘new professionalism’ has been introduced in schools, and its impact on teaching and learning.
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Practical research for education, issue 44
Issue 44 of practical research for education is now available. Articles in this issue include

Download the latest free article: Insights from critical learning episodes: teachers learning from practice.
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Eurydice and INCA news
New from Eurydice

Grade retention during compulsory education in Europe: regulations and statistics
This latest study from Eurydice compares policy and practice surrounding the retaking of a school year in 31 European countries.
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Adults in formal education: policies and practices in Europe
This latest report from the Eurydice Network examines education and training opportunities for adults, and policies for enhancing the participation of adults in higher education in 31 European countries.
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New from INCA
Curriculum and assessment models for the home language, ages 11-17
This desk research, commissioned by Ofqual, examines how other countries teach and assess the home language (a country's official language of instruction) for 11-17 year olds.
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INCA comparative tables: November 2010 edition
Updated in November 2010, the INCA comparative tables provide a brief overview of key issues across the 21 INCA countries.
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