Research-engaged schools/college award

Find out how to apply for the new research award from NFER, in partnership with Learning and Skills Improvement Service, Institute for Learning, National Union of Teachers, National College and Education Journal.

The award is to recognise schools and colleges that are using research to improve teaching and learning.

There is no fee to apply, and the process is very simple. Just tell us about your research and we will assess it against set criteria.

Please send this information on to colleagues you know who may find this interesting. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your applications! For further information please email or call me on 01753 637 002.

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Just published

Practical research for education issue 42

Issue 42 is now available in printed format. To view the contents list for this issue click here.

Current subscribers should have received their copies, please email me if you have not.

Follow the link below to download the free article from this issue Nature of experience: engaging special needs learners through the natural world.  
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NFER publications are available from our publications page our Publications Unit.
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New projects

Promoting engagement in education, employment and training
The NFER is conducting an evaluation of this LGA project, the main aims are to inform the development of the pilot project and to collect evidence of the impact of the programme on young people. 
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News and events   

LSIS Research Conference, Friday 26th Feb 2010, Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London

This conference, organised by LSIS in partnership with the Institute for learning (IfL) and the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), will explore the strategic and practical issues in conducting and using research for improvement in the learning and skills sector.

Delagate places are FREE, however a non-attendace fee may apply.
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DCSF Research Conference, Tuesday 9th Feb 2010, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

The theme of the DCSF research conference 2010 is ‘the use of evidence in policy development and delivery’. The day will be of interest to researchers, policy makers, academics and other partners who work with DCSF, providing an opportunity to meet, share and discuss some of the latest findings from research and analysis undertaken by the Department.  

NFER researchers will be presenting a report on the TellUs survey, which is conducted by NFER on behalf of DCSF, at the afternoon workshop sessions.


Delegate places are FREE so book now!

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Eurydice and INCA news

New from Eurydice

Structures of education and training systems in Europe
Eurydice has updated its national descriptions of education systems in Europe. For the first time, there are three separate descriptions for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
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Education on online safety in schools in Europe
This latest report from Eurydice summarises the main findings of a survey carried out on education on online safety in primary and secondary schools in 30 European countries. 
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