Evaluation of the nature and impact of the Creative Partnership programme on the teaching workforce

The Creative Partnerships programme brings creative workers such as artists, architects and scientists into schools to work with teachers to inspire young people and help them learn. The NFER was commissioned to evaluate the impact of Creative Partnerships on members of the teaching workforce. A national survey was completed by 2,295 members of the teaching workforce, as well as in-depth case studies.

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NFER for schools

NFER for Schools is committed to improving educational outcomes for children and young people. Working with schools as partners in research, we offer products and services that engage and excite, while providing valuable reports and information to help inform learning, teaching and assessment.

NFER formative assessment service

NFER formative assessment service is an online assessment package for primary schools that helps you
  • Integrate Assessment for Learning
  • Personalise your pupils' learning
  • Implement teacher assessment
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NFER analysis and marking services
Cost-effective analysis and marking for QCDA optional tests for years 3, 4 and 5 in maths, reading, writing and spelling.

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NFER attitude survey: pupils and parents
Helping you gather information on pupils’ and parents’ attitudes towards your school.

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For more information contact our Business Development Manager, John Meehan onj.meehan@nfer.ac.uk to arrange a visit.

Eurydice and INCA news

New from Eurydice

New skills for new jobs. Policy initiatives in the field of education: short overview of the current situation in Europe
This short report from Eurydice summarises the information received from 24 European countries in the framework of the European Union’s ‘New Skills for New Jobs’ initiative. It presents information on recent national developments in skills forecasting and assesses how this information is channelled into education and training provision.
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