The impact of the Baby Peter case on applications for care orders

The Local Government Association (LGA) commissioned NFER to look at the impact of the case of Baby Peter Connelly on local authorities (LA) applications for care orders and child protection more widely.

LA staff are broadly optimistic about the future for child protection and safeguarding activity, dependent on a range of workforce development and resourcing issues.
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Just published

A literature review of Assessment for Learning in science
This literature review stems from a project funded by NFER which researched Assessment for Learning (AfL) in primary science.
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Local authorities' experiences of improving parental confidence in the special educational needs process
The aim of the research was to provide insights into the approach and practice of local authorities work with parents of children with SEN.
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Children and young people's views on web 2.0 technologies
This research was carried out to find out about young people's use of social media tools in both a personal and more formal setting.
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Intergenerational practice: outcomes and effectiveness
This research examined what works in intergenerational practice to bring together older adults and young people or children.
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An analysis of youth offending teams' inspection reports
Youth Offending teams (YOTs) bring together a range of services dealing with young people and crime prevention, including police, health and education services and social services. This study examines evidence from 60 inspection reports and other data to evaluate the service.
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Positivity in practice: approaches to improving perceptions of young people and their involvement in crime and anti-social behaviour
This NFER study highlights the range of approaches that Local Authority (LAs) and their partner organisations are undertaking to improve how young people are are perceived in their community.
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Gardening in schools: a vital tool for children's learning
The report is a summary of the findings from a research carried out by NFER who were asked by the RHS to assess the impact of gardening in schools. The findings show that as well as helping children lead happier, healthier lives today, gardening helped them acquire the essential skills they need to fulfill their potential in a rapidly-changing world and make a positive contribution to society as a whole.
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Practical research for education issue 43
This new issue has all the ususal feature articles including

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For more general information regarding the journal follow the link below.
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Imapct: NFER's research news for schools
Issue 3 of the NFER's magazine for schools is now available to download. If you would like a printed copy or to go on the mailing list please send an email to
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NFER publications are available online at /publications or by emailing us

Current projects
Research engaged school/college Award

NFER, together with the NUT, IfL, NCSL and Education Journal, offers schools and colleges an award to acknowledge the efforts they have made in using research to improve teaching and learning.

Receiving a Research Engaged Award shows that a school or college has been recognised by a leading research organisation for its commitment to undertaking research, and for having set in place suitable quality assurance processes for its research.

We are now taking applications for the next round of Awards, to view the assessment criteria and enter, follow the links on the website.
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CERUKplus database

CERUKplus is a free, online database of current education and children's services research in the UK. It covers individual PhD studies, as well as long term, large-scale research such as national surveys.

CERUKplus is a resource for commissioners and users of research, and researchers currently conducting studies. It can also provide you with email alerts in up to five areas of interest. Sign up now!
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Assessment for Learning: Literacy, practical resources for the classroom

Assessment for Learning: Literacy is an innovative, dual purpose resource pack for Key Stage 2 teachers and pupils. Whilst providing tailored resources for teaching literacy, these materials are also designed to develop peer assessment skills and embed Assessment for Learning strategies into primary classrooms.

The materials offer pre-planned lessons for up to half a term’s worth of literacy teaching, but might also be used to form the basis of cross curricular topic work. The subject matter has been chosen to complement other subject areas of the National Curricula for each age group.
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i-nfer plan

i-nfer plan is a formative e-assessment package which supports teacher assessment and the delivery of Assessing Pupil Progress. Providing a rigorous formative and summative periodic e-assessment tool, it completes the Assessment for Learning cycle by proving a snapshot of children’s understanding and detailed assessment reports with next steps. i-nfer plan is designed to be integrated in to the APP approach, by providing consistent and objective evidence validated by the NFER for teacher planning and moderation..
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Eurydice and INCA news

Gender differences in educational outcomes: study on the measures taken and the current situation in Europe
This Eurydice study examines the gender situation across 29 European countries and finds that differences persist in student attainment and choice of courses of study. It also sets out to map the policies and strategies being put in place to promote gender equality within the education system.
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Organisation of school time in Europe (primary and secondary education) - 2010/11
This document contains national data on the organisation of school time in primary and secondary education in 31 European countries, including the length of the school year, school term starting dates and the distribution of school holidays.
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The organisation of the academic year in higher education - 2010/11
This document contains national data on the organisation of the higher education academic year in 31 European countries, including terms, holidays and examination periods.
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What is INCA?