Qualitative impact evaluation of the Food for Life Partnership (FFLP) programme

In July 2010, the Food for Life Partnership (FFLP) commissioned the NFER to undertake a qualitative evaluation of the FFLP programme.

The FFLP aims to improve healthy eating and food awareness among children and young people by creating a positive food culture within schools, and for this impact to cascade into home environments, by supporting schools to serve fresh, seasonal and ethically sourced food and to deliver a programme of activities which educate young people about nutrition and food provenance issues through a range of activities.

By focusing on practical food education, FFLP aims to give school children the opportunity to be healthier by teaching them how their food choices impact on their health and that of the planet. The Partnership intends that the "hands on" experience with cooking and growing food will help children to enjoy and connect with "real food".

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Just published

Teaching approaches that help to build resilience to extremism among young people
The primary aim of the research was to provide a strong evidence base for schools and other education providers to help them adopt and commission the appropriate interventions to build resilience to extremism.
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Evaluation of the implementation and impact of diplomas: information, advice and guidance
This paper explores the part Diploma-related information, advice and guidance has played in supporting young people, in locations where Diplomas have been introduced, to make informed decisions about whether to study for the new qualification since its launch in 2008.
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NFER for schools

NFER formative assessment service

NFER formative assessment service is an online assessment package for primary schools that helps you
  • Integrate Assessment for Learning
  • Personalise your pupils' learning
  • Implement teacher assessment

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NFER analysis and marketing services

Cost-effective analysis and marking for QCDA optional tests for years 3, 4 and 5 in maths, reading, writing and spelling.

  • Test marking and analysis for projections for future performance
  • Compatible with RAISEonline
  • Detailed reports provide analyses of pupils' responses

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NFER attitude surveys: pupils and parents

Helping you gather information on pupils’ and parents’ attitudes towards your school.
  • Surveys provide key information for school evaluation
  • Compare your school’s results to national norms
  • Discover levels of satisfaction and learn attitudes towards health and well being

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