Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP) in Key Stage 3 Science

In 2008 a new science curriculum for pupils at key stage 3 was introduced. The aim was to engage and motivate pupils, and to prepare them effectively for the challenges of the 21st Century. In science this took the form of a reduction of content and a focus on 'How Science Works'.

In 2009 this was followed by the introduction of Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP), a new approach to assessment which reinforces the messages of the curriculum in the context of more systematic assessment.

Against this background, the NFER surveyed the views of Local Authority (LA) secondary science consultants on APP. Two online questionnaires (May and September 2009) investigated what progress had been made and their emerging opinions.
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Just published

Statistical methods used for the analysis of national monitoring surveys
Proceedings from the technical Seminar on statistical methods used for the analysis of national monitoring surveys.
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New projects

The International Survey of Adult Skills (ISAS)
The ISAS aims to find out about the different activities that adults do in their daily lives and to learn about their experiences of education and work. The study is a collaboration between the Governments of participating countries and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. NFER is leading the study in the UK in partnership with NatCen, TNS-BMRB and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.
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Assessing the impact of DFID's Global School Partnerships (GSP) Programme Item 2
Global School Partnerships aim is to motivate young people's committment to a fairer, more sustainable world. The aim of this evaluation is to assess the imapct of the GSP programme on levels of awareness in pupils attending GSP schools in the UK.
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Eurydice and INCA news

Description of the education system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland 2009/10
Eurydice at NFER has updated the Eurybase national description of the education system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for 2009/10. The description is divided into chapters, five of which cover a particular phase of education from pre-primary to higher education. There are also chapters covering the general organisation of education system, teachers and other education staff (across the different phases), evaluation, special educational needs and the European and international dimension in education.
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What is Eurydice?
What is INCA?  

Research engaged school and college Award

Seven schools and colleges have so far been confirmed as winners of the recently launched Research Engaged School and College Award and others are currently being assessed.

Receipt of the Award shows that a school or college has been recognised for its commitment to undertaking research, and for having set in place suitable quality assurance processes for its research.

Congratulations go to the following schools and colleges

Farnborough Sixth Form College, Farnborough

South Dartmoor Community College, Ashburton

Yale College of Wrexham, Wrexham

Recreation Road Infant School, Norwich

City College Norwich, Norwich

Ossett School and Sixth Form College, Ossett

Sunfield School, Near Stourbridge

You can view the entries on the website, using the button below.
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