The role of primary mental workers in education

This review evaluates the role of Primary Mental Health Workers (PMHWs) to date, focusing in particular on their role within education, and presents illustrations of PMHWs’ practices. It can inform the development and expansion of PMHW links with education.

It will be of interest to policy makers and practitioners in education and mental health, including PMHWs, CAMHS specialists and education staff.

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Just published

Policy and developments in mathematics assessment in England
This paper sets the context by detailing the policy developments in mathematics assessment in England, highlighting the many changes that have occurred over recent years and the reasons for these.
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Autism and educational assessment: UK policy and practice
This research, funded by NFER, investigated UK assessment policy and practice for mainstream-educated pupils who are diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
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Information, advice and guidance for young people
The Local Government Association (LGA) commissioned NFER to undertake research on the current ‘fitness for purpose’ of the Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) services provided to young people in the 14-19 context and to identify improvement and support needs for Local Authorities (LAs).
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News and Events

NCAS conference 2010 Shaping the present, building the future
Manchester, 3rd - 5th November

This year together with C4EO, we will be exhibiting at the MCAS conference. This annual event offers delegates the opportunity to come together, for three days, to discuss and debate the latest issues affecting children and adult services.
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LSRN conference 2010 Travelling together: evidence for practice in the Learning and Skills Sector
Friends House, Euston Road, London, 25th November 2010

This year’s LSRN conference will be of interest to all those working in the Learning and Skills Sector. As well as exhibiting our latest research two of NFER’s information professionals will be hosting a workshop that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to find educational research on the internet for work, continuing professional development or personal study.
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School resources

i-nfer plan
personalising assessment for primary schools

i-nfer plan is a formative e-assessment package which supports teacher assessment and the delivery of Assessing Pupil Progress. Providing a rigorous formative and summative periodic e-assessment tool, it completes the Assessment for Learning cycle by proving a snapshot of children’s understanding and detailed assessment reports with next steps. i-nfer plan is designed to be integrated in to the APP approach, by providing consistent and objective evidence validated by the NFER for teacher planning and moderation.
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NFER attitude surveys - pupil and parent

This service provides surveys for use with pupils and parents, offering schools an efficient way to consult effectively. It gathers information to help evaluate how well they are succeeding in improving outcomes for children and young people. The service will:

NFER's service remains competitive for the 2010/2011 surveys, prices for the pupil surveys range from £210 for an average sized primary school to £350 for an average sized secondary school.

Please contact 01753 637300 or email to register your interest.
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Eurydice and INCA news

Headteachers' teaching time
Eurydice at NFER has compiled a table summarising headteachers' teaching time in 18 Eurydice network countries. It covers headteachers’ working hours, whether they are required to teach and, if so, for how many hours per week.
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An international perspective on integrated children's services
The CfBT Education Trust has published its report ‘An international perspective on integrated children’s services’, which was completed by colleagues at NFER. The report covers a review of the international literature on, and policies relating to, the integration of children’s services.
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