Action research: making a difference in education

This publication from NFER brings together articles based on action research from practical research for education journal, and is essential for those thinking of carrying out their own research.

The book is written in accessible language and introduces what action research is all about. It gives illustrative examples of research that has made a difference and concludes with thoughts on how action research can help practitioners to develop and share knowledge and skills.

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Just published

Provision of mental health services for care leavers: transition to adult services
This report examines the extent to which recent developments have improved outcomes for young people leaving care, particularly those with mental health difficulties.
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Citizenship and values education to the rescue! A call to action by the Five Nations Network
The executive summary and full report of the citizenship and values education to the rescue! conference 2008 and call to action 2009 are available on the NFER web site.
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Good practice between local authorities and the further education sector
This report examines nine case studies of good practice and draws out the key elements of collaboration that work to improve outcomes for young people. 
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i-nfer plan
i-nfer plan is a formative e-assessment package which supports teacher assessment and the delivery of Assessing Pupil Progress, see how i-nfer plan works within the classroom by watching our new case study video on the website. 
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Careers coordinators in schools
The central aim of this research was to gain insights into the qualifications, skills and the role of careers coordinators, as well as to establish the level of potential interest in a new professional qualification.
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Evaluation of the 2008-09 DCSF-funded Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) STEM Pathfinder Programme
The SSAT commissioned NFER to undertake an evaluation of the Pathfinder Programme, and to provide findings on the effectiveness of different activities and approaches to delivering STEM. 
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Embedding citizenship education in secondary schools in England (2002-08); Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study seventh annual report
This is the seventh annual report from the Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study (CELS), concentrating on emerging lessons from 12 longitudinal case-study schools that CELS has been following since CE became as statutory part of the curriculum in 2002.
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New projects

Children and young people of Kent survey 2009
Kent County Council wishes to gather the views and experiences of children and young people across a range of issues relating to the five Every Child Matters (ECM) outcomes and life in Kent, to inform planning, service development and review at strategic level, local level and in Kent schools.
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Eurydice and INCA news

New publication from Eurydice at NFER

Overview of education systems in Engalnd, Wales and Northern Ireland
This briefing paper includes information about the administration of education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the organisation of the various phases of the education system, special needs, teachers and quality assurance procedures. 
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Current debates and recent reforms in education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
This briefing paper summarises the broad range of strategy documents which reflect the current priority areas for education policy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
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A combined version of these papers is available on the Eurydice Network website as the national summary sheet on the UK education system (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). 
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New publications from Eurydice

National testing of pupils in Europe: objectives, organisation and use of results
The lateset comparative study from the Eurydice Network provides a detailed picture of the context and organisation of national tests in primary and lower secondary education in 30 European countries. 
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Organisation of school time in Europe (primary and general secondary education) - 2009/10
This document contains national data on the organisation of school time in primary and secondary education in 31 European countries, including the length of the school year, school term starting dates and the distribution of school holidays. 
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The organisation of the academic year in higher education - 2009/10
This document contains national data on the organisation of the higher education academic year in 31 European countries, including terms, holidays and examination periods. 
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The structure of the European education systems 2009/10: schematic diagrams
This publication shows, in diagrammatic format, the structure of the education system from pre-primary to higher education level in 31 countries participating in the Eurydice Network. 
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Compulsory education in Europe 2009/10
This table shows the duration of compulsory education in the 31 countries participating in the Eurydice Network. 
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Arts and cultural education at school in Europe: curricula and initiatives
The latest study from the Eurydice Network presents a comparative overview of arts education policy in primary and lower secondary education in 30 countries. 
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New publication from INCA

The influence of relative age on learner attainment and development
Completed in February 2009, this INCA thematic probe focuses on the attainment and development of the children who are the youngest in the year group. 
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INCA archive description for South Africa
A description for South Africa has been added to the INCA archive, bringing the total number of countries covered to 21. 
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Inca comparative tables: September 2009
Updated in September 2009, the INCA comparative tables provide a brief overview of key issues across the 21 INCA countries, including, for the first time, South Africa. 
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