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Six steps to successful
STEM education

An NFER evaluation of international energy company BG Group's social investment in STEM education projects has identified six key ingredients shown to help create programmes that make a positive impact.
Going in for the skills
It's time we stopped regarding vocational qualifications as education's poor relations, says Tami McCrone; while Ben Durbin reflects on proposed new headteacher standards.

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Pupil Premium priorities
How do schools decide how to spend their Pupil Premium? An NFER survey on behalf of the Sutton Trust offers some insights into how teachers think the money is spent.

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Latest Published Research
Key Data on Early Childhood Education and Care

Early years provision is under the spotlight in many countries, and this report brings together qualitative indicators describing the structure, organisation, staffing and funding of such provision across the EU. More...
Phonics screening check evaluation

The latest findings from our evaluation of the phonics screening check, commissioned by the Department for Education, include its emerging impacts and an exploration of how results are being used by schools. More...
Census of Local Authority Councillors 2013

Of the 6,902 councillors in office in England surveyed on behalf of the Local Government Association, 90 per cent cited a desire to serve the community as their reason for wanting to become a councillor. More...
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Teachers' Use of Research Evidence:
A case study of United Learning schools

What makes for an evidence-informed school? Later this week we will be publishing the fruits of a joint project with United Learning that seeks to shed light on how teachers are actually engaging with research and using it to inform their practice. More...
Schools update
A survey of substance

We are setting the wheels in motion for the Annual Survey of Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among Young People, which gives valuable information that informs policy and practice. More...
Paper-free and proud

Replacing paper-based processes with electronic ones is both labour and tree saving! So switching to online school surveys was a no brainer for the biggest junior school in the UK. More...
The magic number?

Interested in enquiry-based approaches to CPD, but don't know where to start? Be inspired by the Enquiring Schools programme seven-step plan to guide you through each stage of the process. More...
News for schools

The latest thinking from the latest research, plus evidence-based insights for school improvement. Free every month. More...

11 July 2014
Further Education Research Association Inaugural Research Conference

NFER experts David Sims and Sarah Lynch will draw on recent research for their presentation 'Providing high quality work experience: how do we do it?'. More...
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