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Adult skills under the spotlight

Read the 2012 International Survey of Adult Skills national reports for England and Northern Ireland, produced by NFER on behalf of the UK government as part of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills, which hit the headlines earlier this month.
What shapes young lives?
NFER is playing a key role in the Early Childhood Education Study (ECES), an international study of how different countries provide for their youngest learners, and how this shapes their lives.

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Reading the right signs
With two thirds of pupils underachieving at GCSE coming from 'normal' backgrounds, could understanding the subtle factors which cause disengagement be the key to preventing it?

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Other news
Teachers' and School Heads' Salaries and Allowances in Europe 2012/13

How have teachers' salaries across Europe been affected by the economic downturn? Find the answer to this question, and many others around the pay of teachers and school leaders among our European neighbours. More...
National Student Fee and Support Systems 2013/14

This newly updated Eurydice report provides a country by country overview of the national public fee and support systems in place across Europe and gives details of recent changes and forthcoming national reforms. More...
Latest blogs
Teacher research: what's the point?

It's the particular way of thinking and the types of processes that research introduces to school or individual improvement that matter most in teacher-led enquiry, says Ben Durbin. More...
NEETs and the art of spotting disengagement

Eleanor Stevens explains the rationale behind new tools for practitioners aiming to raise the aspirations of those young people who seem poised to fall through the cracks. More...
RCTs in schools: making the case for 'fair tests'

The present drive for rigorous evidence in education will only bear fruit if teachers understand its philosophy - a goal which is being damaged by some of the arguments against it, writes Ben Styles. More...
Schools update
LIVE wires

Accrington Academy encouraged their students to become engaged learners through their practitioner-led LIVE project. More...
Striking a chord

When music teacher Phil Kennedy wanted to find out how to halt end-of-lesson lethargy, he wondered if social media might hold the answer... More...
Calling STEM heroes

A competition has been launched to inspire the most creative teaching minds to translate their passion for STEM into exciting classroom experiences. More...
From our experts

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6 and 13 November 2013
Managing and Implementing the New Primary National Curriculum 2014

Liz Twist, NFER's Head of Assessment, will present seminars on The Future of Assessment - Life After Levels at two one-day conferences organised by Oxford University Press. More...
7 November 2013
reason webinar

Join this interactive session on Bracknell Forest's Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme. More...
27 November 2013
The Academies Show

Come and talk to us at Stand 2 to find out more about NFER activities and services. More...
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