Strategy and Vision

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NFER is the leading independent provider of education research and insights, working to create an excellent education for all children and young people.

Our objectives are to be:

NFER offers a unique combination of qualities

1) Our independence
NFER is the leading provider of independent education evidence. We combine our own evidence with that of others to offer an unbiased expert voice. We are a not-for-profit organisation that is not aligned to any other company or institution.

2) A trusted and expert voice in education
Through expert researchers and extensive knowledge of education and assessment, we aspire to offer a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in education. Our insights are relevant and accessible, and inform policy and practice across the world.

3) The breadth of our activities
The breadth of our work enables us to have a systemic view of the education system, linking together evidence from different areas to give a wider perspective.

4) Our connections
NFER draws on trusted relationships and works with a range of influential organisations, from government departments to employers and from school leaders and teachers to parents.

5) A focus on outcomes
NFER’s aim is to create an excellent education for all children and young people. We continually work to develop ways to help improve pupil performance, teaching and assessment using our evidence from research.