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The NFER continues to be recognised as a leading research and assessment organisation throughout the UK, providing independent evidence to improve education and learning.  This was reinforced in market research in 2012 carried out with key stakeholders, research clients and headteachers who described NFER as: reliable, rigorous, professional, expert and independent. We also combine our own evidence with that of others to offer an unbiased expert voice.

Through expert researchers and extensive knowledge of education and assessment we aspire to offer a unique perspective on today’s and tomorrow’s  educational challenges. Our insights are relevant, accessible and inform policy and practice across the world and our evidence is cited in government reports, academic journals and the wider media, Successive governments have used it to inform policy thinking.

We have a team of over 100 highly qualified professional researchers , statisticians  and assessment experts who offer extensive and well recognised experience in a wide range of research methodologies (link) together with deep subject knowledge in areas including; assessment, international comparisons, early years, engaging young people and STEM. NFER’s research operations and statistics teams are equally highly skilled in developing and managing large scale and complex research and assessment projects across the education sector.

Our research team completed over 100 projects during 2012/13 for a wide range of organisations including The Office of the Children’s Commissioner, the National College for School Leadership,  Norfolk County Council,  My Science,  International Baccalaureate, Wellcome Trust, The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), The National STEM Centre, PRIME law initiative and  A New Direction.  A number of different research projects were also undertaken for the Local Government Association (LGA).

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