Amanda Taylor

Senior Information and Reviews Librarian, +44 (0)1753 637180

Amanda is the Senior Information and Reviews Librarian in NFER’s Centre for Information and Reviews (CIR). CIR provides information services to policy makers; ensures library support and intelligence for all NFER research and assessment work; and leads on NFER’s research review services. An experienced information professional, she manages and coordinates information and review activities, provides information and support services for NFER research and development projects and is responsible for NFER’s collection development. Amanda is experienced in managing all searching elements for literature reviews and in using systematic procedures to search a wide range of sources, including electronic and print sources and grey literature, to identify all the available research evidence. She also has extensive knowledge of UK, European and international education systems and policy, and specialist skills in desk research and current awareness services.

Amanda holds an MSc Econ in Information and Library Studies and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)