Anne Kispal MA

Research Manager, +44 (0)1753 637127

Anne’s principal work for the past twenty years has been the development of the statutory national curriculum reading tests for use at the end of KS2. Recently, this experience has been broadened to encompass KS1 national reading assessments in England and the Year 6 / 7 National Reading Test for Wales. Alongside these, she is also contributing towards NFER’s next suite of reading tests for years 3, 4 and 5 and is working with ACCA in developing training materials for their team of item writers for accountancy accreditation.

A sample of her non-assessment research includes a detailed analysis of the 2013 national reading curriculum in order to create leaning progressions from Reception Year to Year 10, a comparison of language curricula across several countries for the DFE, a literature review on the teaching of inference and deduction (also for the DFE) and a definition of the nature of level 6 reading at KS2 for STA. Anne’s roles are varied: sometimes directing or leading projects, sometimes working as a team member and sometimes working alone.

Selected publications